• I couldn't get ahold of you, but I was wondering if we could release something for Savvy Saturday, bringing back the EITC. I've spoken with X Jumper, and I have been comfirmed as the EITC GM for Pirates Online Rewritten, so I was wondering if the Savvy Saturday update from the Developers could be bringing back the Black Guard and Navy, and giving some new abilities. 

    I was thinking that perhaps there could be Navy Invasions, where the Black Guard leads Navy soldiers into combat. Also, I was thinking of keeping the guild open for any player to join, and I already have organization for it, so that low levels and pirates don't join! My second idea was to add the ability of commanding Navy Soldiers (given only the officers of the EITC guild, which will all be Gamemasters). It would work similarly to how the Navy would identify pirates. Since they have a command to attack when the see pirates, perhaps they could "guard" when they see EITC officers (although they would only be able to do simple tasks). Also, upon joining the EITC guild, perhaps players could get special items. Such as a weekly amount of gold as their salary, and an EITC uniform (which they would have to turn in upon leaving the guild; it could simply disappear from their inventory or something. 

    Also, for Savvy Saturday, I would release another blog, for other things that are not technical and developing projects. I would release the Guild name, structure, and anything else associated with the organization of the Black Guard. Another thing I was wondering, was if the "Black Guard" could be called the "Black Watch". Thank you for reading. 

    Joseph Grey 

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